Industrial and urban symbiosis is about regionally concentrated collaborations among diverse actors and sectors that improve the sustainabilty of industrial and societal resource use by improved utilisation of secondary resources and by co-developing better products, services, and utilities. These dynamics improve business competitiveness, enable more sustainable urban and rural development, and support the transition towards bio-based and circular economies. The importance of the concept is increasingly recognised by different societal actors.

In Sweden there are many operational cases of industrial and urban sysmbiosis and an increasing number of initiatives aimed at facilitating new developments. Members of our research group in Linköping University have been studying operational cases and are involved in multiple development initiatives since long. With this portal we aim to share some of our knowledge and inform a wider audience about industrial and urban symbiosis practices in Sweden.

Use the map on the left, or the links below, to learn more about some of the Swedish cases. If you want to know more, please contact us.